What’s Surya Grahan 2022 ?

solar eclipse

The world is going to indicate the first solar eclipse/Surya Grahan of 2022 on April 30th. According to the Hindu calendar, the solar eclipse or Surya Grahan this year is falling on Amavasya Tithi of the Vaishakha month. Let’s look out the good or bad time, effects it will create on various zodiac signs.

The current year’s most memorable Surya Grahan will start at 12:15 pm on April 30 and will keep going till 4:07 am on first May.

Most of the time solar eclise will fall on the new moon day, yet this one is falling on Vaishakh Amavasya tithi.As per the US space agency this year the surya grahan will be apparent in the southern South America, Antarctica, and the Southern and Pacific Oceans on april 30.

Story Behind Surya Grahan:

As per old books of astrological myth, during the samudra manthan Lord Vishnu appeared as a wonderful lady as mohini who enamored the asuras and took the amrit from them and began to give out the remedy among the devas.

Rahu an asura saw this and plunked in the middle between Lord Chrandra and Lord Surya, they before long understood that Rahu deceived them and sat as a deva. For this reason Lord Vishu cut off raghu head, which is the reason it is accepted that Rahu comes as Grahan to get to payback by eating up the sun and moon.

What to do & dont's in surya grahan?

Reciting the mantra of Lord Shiva during the grahan period might remove negativity from the adverse consequence of the grahan.

Pregnant ladies shouldn’t come out and get exposured in the sunlight upto grahan period ends.This might not good for her and her child in womb.

Customarily, cleaning up after the grahan was a deep rooted custom continued in most Indian families.

Cleaning the house after the surya grahan and sprinkling Gangajal has been a well established custom. It is accepted it gets inspiration the climate and safeguards from the evil impacts of the grahan.

As per ancient convictions, cooking as well as eating food during the grahan ought to be kept away from. This is a direct result of the sun’s beams that fall on the earth and change the habitat.

One shouldn’t take a direct look with naked eyes of surya grahan and avoid stepping out in sun during those period

Assuming there is prepared food at home either discard it or put a heavenly basil (tulsi) leaf to eliminate the adverse consequence of the grahan.

You can likewise put sacred basil passes on in water stored areas to keep away from any evil impact.

Impact on Zodiac Signs

As per astrological impact, three zodiac sign gets affected by this grahan time as below

Aries: The grahan or eclispe is supposed to happen in the Aries zodiac sign. Subsequently, individuals having a place with this sign need to take care of their health condition. They can likewise expect some good news coming in their direction. Monetary circumstances might get to the next level. On the off chance, that if one is searching for a good job, the impact of this surya grahan will bring better open doors.

Cancer: This grahan is a good time for Cancerians,where this will bring positivity in their life. Incredible expert achievement is sitting tight for them on the way. They can likewise anticipate satisfaction and harmony in the family. This is an extraordinary time for you to hop into new sectors.

Scorpion: On this effect individuals of the Scorpio zodiac sign need to keep away from discussion and clashes as they can place you in a tough situation and result in a slander case.

After the main sun oriented overshadowing of the year, individuals will before long experience the principal lunar obscuration of 2022 on May 16.

After this surya grahan period in april, we can expect the lunar eclipse/ chandra grahan on May 16 2022.

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