Spankbank Lyrics by Kelly LeMieux & Darrin Pfeiffer

Spankbank Lyrics  is written by John Feldmann. Spankbank Lyrics vocal beautifully given by Kelly LeMieux & Darrin Pfeiffer.

Spankbank Lyrics Info:

SongSpankBank Lyrics
AlbumOpen Your Eyes
SingerKelly LeMieux & Darrin Pfeiffer
LyricsitJohn Feldmann
MusicJohn Feldmann
ProducerJohn Feldmann
DirectorGuy Hamilton
Label ByMojo Records

Spankbank Lyrics

I Never Felt As Sick As I Do Now
I Never Felt So Alone
The Walls Around Confine Me Like A Cell
And So I Feel Like A Dirty Old Man
Hye hye…

I Gotta Break Away From
Escape Away From
Just Make My Way Out Of This Place
I Try To Break Away From It
Escape Away From It
Make My Way Right Outta This Place

But My Feet Are Stuck
And My Half A Buck
Is Wasted On This Machine
And I’m Never Coming Back

To The Spank Bank Of Lust
Gay, Straight, Bi-Curious
Just Makes Me Furious
Spank Bank Of Lust
32 Channels
I Don’t Wanna See A
She-Male Fucking

We’ll Maybe I Do


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