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pushipn p lyrics

Pushin P Lyrics  is the latest English song with music also given by Juke Wong & Wheezy. Pushin P song lyrics are written by Juke Wong, Wheezy, Young Thug, Future & Gunna.

Pushin P Lyrics  Info:

Song Name

Pushin P Lyrics


Gunna, Future & Young Thug


Jeffery Lamar Williams, Juke Wong, Nayvadius Wilburn, Sergio Kitchens, Wesley Glass

Music Label


Pushin P Lyrics 

Pushin’ P
Yeah, Pushin’ P, Turn Me Up
Turn Me Up, P, Uh-Ah
Pointers In The Patek And My Piece, I’m Pushin’ P
Copped New Hammers For My P, We Don’t Want No Peace
Got A Spot Across The Spot, Just For Ps
Dropped The Dot And Then We Plottin’, Exotic Ps
She Not A Lesbian, For P, She Turn Pesbian (Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P)
Off Capital P, I Rock These Presidents, Count Presidents (Pushin’ P)
Portuguese On Her Knees, Moppin’ Down A P
She Let Me Squeeze, Then She Leave ‘Cause She Keep It P
Private Suite, Private Seat, Bitch, I’m Pushin’ P
Purple Pint, Pussy Pink, Bitch, I’m Pushin’ P
Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Yeah (Yeah)
Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Yeah
Pop A P, I’m Paranoid, I Can’t Just Sleep
My Pockets Deep, Got Racks On Me
Why They Watchin’ Me?

I’m Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Yeah
We’re Pushin’, Uh, Uh, Watch Is Pink
And I Don’t Pop Pink, Man, Haha, Ah
Okay, Bought Her A P, Not A Pill, A Porsche (Pushin’ P)
Three Ps, Pop, Pourin’, Porsches (Skrrt, Pushin’ P)
I Just Fucked A Cup Of Water (I Did)
Pushin’ P, Red Bandana, Cardinals (Ayy, Pushin’ P)
I’ma P You Out Yo’ Whole Endorsement (Ayy, Yeah, Pushin’ P)
She Ain’t Veneer For Me, She Simply Porcelains (I Never)
I Never Saw Opps, Now We Finally Tusslin’ (I Never)
She Ready To Get In The Streets For Me, No Question (Of Course, Skrrt)
Too Rich To Text, I Let My Shawty Forward It (Yeah)
Take The P Out The Alphabet, Nigga, Try To Sort It (Ayy)
I’m Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P
Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, P, Uh-Ah
Pushin’ P, I’m Pushin’ P, Pushin’ P
I’m Pushin’ P, Yeah, Uh-Ah

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