How to Write 2000 English Words Article/Blog ?

Here i will tell you the secret strategies which i followed to write 2000 english words blog in a short time.

After I began writing recurrently a few years in the past, writing didn’t come naturally to me. It was robust. I learn lots although.

 I had ideas and stories to narrate people. However translating them into englsih words appeared like an not possible job.

 I barely managed 1000 english words with out feeling exhausted.

Effectively, over time this artwork grew to become kinder to me. And I benefit from the strategy of formulating the ideas into readable texts.

So long as you do mandatory pre-writing skill, it ought to solely take an hour-and-a-half to write 2000 english words

However you must spend an additional half-hour for modifying or edit your article. However I did as soon as write 2000 english words paper in 45 minutes so it actually is determined by you.

Two thousand is quite a big number though. Sitting down to write 2000 englsih words could be extraordinarily intimidating, so the very first thing you must do is make that 2000 in words as a friendlier one.

Follow the below steps which i guided and start writing your 2000 english words article:

Write 500 english words in 4 writing periods

Cut out  that huge, intimidating quantity. Begin with a aim of 500 englsih words first.

In a single session, with no breaks, write all of them. Take a break, then write the subsequent 500 english words. Repeat till you attain a minimum of 2000.

In case you write 650 words in a single session, don’t purpose for 350 within the subsequent. Let these further words add up. Just a few hundred further english words every day will get you to 50k faster than you would think about.

I like to recommend timing your writing periods, aiming for 20 minutes every time. The deadline will enable you to get the words out, with 10 minute breaks between every session, you possibly can attain your 2000 english words aim in two hours. Which brings me to the subsequent level:

Write Quickly

Don’t conclude and take into consideration of your english words. Don’t return and increase a earlier sentence. Make sure that your entire edits for later. 

Deal with writing as rapidly as potential, throwing every thing you might have at that clean web page. This may truly assist enhance your creativity. 

Make your mind work so quick, be so centered, that it doesn’t have any area to doubt itself and also you’ll be amazed at what you possibly can provide you with.

However don’t fear, that you can’t write 500 phrases in 20 minutes on day one. Writing rapidly is a ability and it’ll take just a few days of practise.

Letting the words suck can embrace:

  • Writing [something happens here] rather than a scene.
  • Letting your self use cliches as shorthand.
  • Dialog that’s actually exposition.
  • Lengthy descriptions of issues that don’t matter.
  • Letting your characters ramble till you uncover what it’s they really must say.

Tip: should you do edit on the finish of every day, make a separate doc out of your official original doc. This manner, you possibly can trim scenes, descriptions, and dialog with out worrying about its impact in your words depend. (In case you make a scene/description/sentence longer, be at liberty to incorporate that in your NaNo doc.)

Useful tip:

As an alternative of breaking your writing session into 4 components, break it into 5. 

Use your first writing session to sketch out a complete chapter, like a top level view, however with bits and items of dialog and outline. 

Work out the place you’re headed and a few key stops alongside the way in which. Figuring out what you’re writing in direction of will make doing the precise, fleshed-out writing a lot simpler and faster.

You too can do a top level view for the subsequent day’s writing after you’ve gotten your 2000 words for the day in. Future you’ll be extraordinarily happy.

Use keyboard shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut is a sequence of keystrokes that can be utilized to carry out a command on a pc rather more rapidly than different strategies, equivalent to utilizing a mouse.

Utilizing keyboard shortcuts can prevent as much as 8 days a 12 months, based on analysis. This declare is calculated on the idea of somebody utilizing a keyboard 8 hours a day. 

It’s based mostly on the premise that individuals lose 2 seconds each time they use the mouse to modify forwards and backwards between home windows or instructions, as an alternative of utilizing a keyboard shortcut.

Open a doc.Ctrl+O
Create a brand new doc.Ctrl+N
Save the doc.Ctrl+S
Shut the doc.Ctrl+W
Lower the chosen content material to the Clipboard.Ctrl+X
Copy the chosen content material to the Clipboard.Ctrl+C
Paste the contents of the Clipboard.Ctrl+V
Choose all doc content material.Ctrl+A

In case you discover it tough to recollect the shortcuts, print out an inventory of those you generally use and submit it someplace clearly seen close to your workstation. Quickly the shortcuts will turn out to be second nature to you.

Word Counts by Writing Time

The table below will tell you how long will take to write an articles by word counts. If you want to know how long writing an article or blog will take, check out the table below:


Word CountSlow (5 wpm)Average (40 wpm)Fast (60 wpm)
100 words20 minutes2.5 minutes1.7 minutes
125 words25 minutes3.1 minutes2.1 minutes
250 words50 minutes6.3 minutes4.2 minutes
500 words100 minutes12.5 minutes8.3 minutes
600 words120 minutes15.0 minutes10.0 minutes
750 words150 minutes18.8 minutes12.5 minutes
800 words160 minutes20.0 minutes13.3 minutes
1,000 words200 minutes25.0 minutes16.7 minutes
1,500 words300 minutes37.5 minutes25.0 minutes
2,000 words400 minutes50.0 minutes33.3 minutes
2,500 words500 minutes62.5 minutes41.7 minutes
3,000 words600 minutes75.0 minutes50.0 minutes
3,500 words700 minutes87.5 minutes58.3 minutes
4,000 words800 minutes100.0 minutes66.7 minutes
5,000 words1,000 minutes125.0 minutes83.3 minutes
7,500 words1,500 minutes187.5 minutes125.0 minutes
10,000 words33.3 hours250.0 minutes166.7 minutes
20,000 words66.7 hours8.3 hours333.3 minutes
25,000 words83.3 hours10.4 hours416.7 minutes
30,000 words100.0 hours12.5 hours8.3 hours
50,000 words166.7 hours20.8 hours13.9 hours
75,000 words250.0 hours31.3 hours20.8 hours
100,000 words333.3 hours41.7 hours27.8 hours


Don’t edit till you’re 100% completed writing; composing and modifying concurrently is disruptive.

Insert quotes: When you’re not technically writing a quote from scratch (quite, you’re pasting it into the article) this will nonetheless enable you to attain the specified phrase depend extremely quick.

Inform a narrative: Take readers on a journey – whether or not fictional or factual – as this requires little to no analysis.

Comply with above steps and attempt to enhance your writing abilities to make quicker to write 2000 englsih words simpler and quick.

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